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General Management

Management is the art and science of 4 basic pillars. We will teach you how to plan, organize, direct and monitor your company so it can reach its highest productivity.

Customer Service

Train you to increase customer loyalty, the amount of money each customer spends, obtain recurring customers and also how to generate a positive word of mouth reputation.


Provide guidance in recruitment and training, performance appraisals and maintaining a positive work atmosphere. Lending advisement when managing disputes and developing public relations within your company.


Help you combine all your marketing goals into one comprehensive plan. Our team will construct a marketing strategy from market research focusing on key elements in order to obtain the maximum profit potential and sustainability for your business.


Analyze your financials to determine how the numbers are working for you. We do not only show how your business is doing financially but also why. This leads you to make superior operational decisions for the future of your business.


Assist you in creating short and long term plans with clear set objectives; Delegating authority, responsibility and control for any and all staff. Also, assist you in how to track the progress of employees and show you how to liaison with everyone in your business to assure future efficiency.

Meet the Team

Bill Letendre

Bryan Prescott

Nikole Fe

Melissa Alvarado

Ana Bertens

Our Consultants

Richard Jackson

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